What You Can Do To Help Promote Your Book Offline

4th October 2023
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4th October 2023

Get out into the world and share your book! Here are some ways in which you can promote your book in person.

What You Can Do To Help Promote Your Book Offline


Marketing teams will make you a flyer in PDF format that you can email to your friends, family, professional contacts, and contributors for edited collections, as well as bring to any conferences you may attend. This will include a jacket image, short description and ordering information. 

Conferences and Events

Be sure to tell your marketeer if you are attending any conferences or events so that efforts can be coordinated. This also includes the names of any local bookstores or venues who might be interested in hosting an event for your book. Your publisher make sure the bookstore or host organization knows how to order your book or will let you know how you can order your book at a 40% author discount. 

Tell the Marketing department if you are speaking at any symposia, travelling abroad or doing any media work. This is very helpful to know as we can work with local
bookstores, PR or media and include links on our website or weekly publicity round-up.


Use the ‘Forward this email to a friend or colleague’ function to disperse our emails to friends, colleagues, your librarian, and important people in the field.

Help us increase the number of people who see our emails by directing your contacts to the email sign-up page on our website: www.bloomsbury.com/newsle er
(Please note that we are subject to data-protection laws and will only email people with permission, giving them the chance to opt out of any future communication.)

Do you belong to any societies or associations we could contact to offer a discount to?

Are you a member of an organization that has a listserv? If yes and it’s allowed, send out a notice about your book and let your marketer know which organizations you’ve contacted.

Libraries and Bookshops

Recommend your book to your library. In the current economic climate, librarians rely more and more on teaching staff recommendations in order to purchase, so please speak to your librarian and encourage your colleagues to recommend your book as well.

Let your local bookseller know if you have assigned your book as core reading for your course, the start date and number of students.


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